How to save / download images, documents, files or web pages on opera mini

Vendor / Type : Nokia / N70 ME
System: Symbian OS 8.1a Series 60
Java: MIDP 2.0
CPU type / arch: arm / 1280
CPU speed: 220 MHz
RAM: 54,272 KB
Applications: - OperaMini-v4.2.13337-advanced-id
- OperaMini v5.0.17443-beta-2-en (OperaMini 5 beta 2)
Trial period: January 18, 2010
Successfully downloaded files : - images (jpg, jpeg, gif)
- Doc
- Pdf
- Zip
- Mp3
- And various web pages
For those of you who have used OperaMini modif certainly familiar with the download and copy text features inherent in OperaMini modif. However OperaMini modif is a program engineered by Russian hackers who have no need to doubt his abilities. This is the real problem. If we use it only for browsing the things that are not sensitive may be not a problem. But if we use it to access email, paypal, ebay or even internet banking, that could be a problem. Username and password that we send through the cell phone may not only be sent to the Gmail server (example) but also to the private server hackers. That's why official OperaMini better than operamini modif. Anyway the picture or file that you downloaded in OperaMini modif can not be used because it is integrated with its parent program. And what about the OperaMini from official developer, why can't be made download ....? be come n' be patient. I'll give you the tricks steps by steps how to made your OperaMini can be downloaded. The steps below exactly the same as for the Nokia N70 users.
a. First, prepare the cell phone of course
b. open the application manager. Press the Menu> Tools> Manager

c. Find OperaMini application. If you have found press Options> Suite Settings.
Then fix it exactly as the instructions below.
Network Access: Ask first time
Messaging: Ask every time start: Ask first time
Connectivity: Always Allowed
Multimedia: Ask first time
Read user data: Always Allowed
Edit user data: Always Allowed

d. Below is the process of storing files on OperaMini version 4.x.

I took this picture from facebook.

e. the process of storing files on OperaMini version 5 beta

This picture I took from google search.

The above process only download the images with small size. If you want to download images with actual size. Look at the picture below.

f. The process of storing web pages
- Open a web page which you want to save
- Then see the picture below.

g. That's it.So please try at home.
Don't forget to share your experience in here....!

  • I was just learning to write in English. If there any mis spell or something like that, please forgive me.
  • to download this tutorial in pdf format complete with pictures please click the link below:

  • Download pdf

  • Download zip
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