How to backup a bookmarks in OperaMini 4.2 and 5 beta 2

Before discussing further about this, I will give some idea about the importance of backing up your bookmarks. If you are use the internet to only access social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Perhaps the bookmark function is not too important. But if you include people who like to surfing and browsing the internet, like finding new things and learn them. So I emphasized the function of bookmarks is very very important for you.
For those of you ever had experienced this definitely feels very annoying. I myself also ever had experienced opera application error and I have to reinstall it. Which means I also will lose bookmarks which amounted to tens, speed dial, personal bar, notes, typed browser history, and custom searches.
That's what motivated me to write this article. One more great opera that is his ability to restore your bookmarks and speed dial is missing. At least there are 2 ways I know:
1. Utilizing the features of "Synchronize".
You must register first in order to use this facility. Immediately wrote
Click, then the list. If you have successfully
Register, the next step as follows:
a. To OperaMini version 4.x
- Download and install OperaMini
- Run OperaMini
- On the home page click "Synchronize Opera" ...

- Until here you must login using the account which you created earlier. If
have not yet please register by clicking on the Sign Up button or Register.
- Type in your username and password then click Log in..
- Congratulations, now you've synchronized opera
- To start browsing click Menu> Start page

b. To OperaMini version 5 beta 2
- Download and install OperaMini
- Run OperaMini
- Click Menu> Settings> Opera Links
- The next process is to register
- Enter the name, password and your email then click list
- If you already have an account immediately wrote click "I already have an account"
- Then log
- Wait until the synchronization process is complete

Once you login, the opera will continue to synchronize until you logout.

2. Backup manually. By way of backing up files rms.db
In order to use this trick condition:
- Install the file manager like SeleQ, system explorer, FExplorer or
other up to you. I personally like FExplorer
- Run FExplorer
- Navigate to C: \ System \ MIDIets

- Find the location of your OperaMini files in this folder
- After the meet and then look for files in a folder rms.db same jar file dg
OperaMini you are

- Copy this file to your MMC
- It is this file to save bookmarks, speed dial, cookies, etc.
- Completed
- Congratulations, now you've managed to backup your bookmarks.

- The above tricks have been tested for Nokia N70 ME
- Synchronize feature sometimes failed in restoring the Speed Dial, that's why
I suggest you also perform manual backups.
- If you want to download this tutorial complete with pictures, click the link below:
- Download pdf
- Download zip

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