How to Uninstall Deep Freeze

U don't have to do this....?

With DF u'r system more safety,have more reliability.It's means more power to war against virus,worm, trojan, spyware, etc.

If u still want it...

This is the right way how to.....?

The Deep Freeze Installer is also used to unistall Deep Freeze. The Installer will automatically detect if Deep Freeze has been previously uninstalled on a workstation and bring up the "uninstall" option.

Note:Deep Freeze can only be uninstalled if Deep Freeze in a Thawed state.

Just simply Press shift+ctrl+alt+F6 simultanously for showin' deepfreeze dialog box. Preconfigured/Standard Password : 9E55B787

-Then select thawed mode.

-reboot u'r system.

-now u can uninstall it

Congrat2U Bro.....

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